Penguins Fans – Upset About The Capitals Winning The Cup? Maybe This Will Help

On June 7, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup.  Penguins fans are in one of two categories:

  1. Happy/Not Angry: While not a best case scenario, happy that Alexander Ovechkin won the Cup because he’s one of the best players of this generation and the Capitals had a great playoff run.
  2. NOT HAPPY: The Capitals are our hated enemy! How can you be happy about any success they had??  THIS IS A WORST CASE SCENARIO!!

You might’ve seen the images of the Capitals winning the Cup.  Like this:


It’s not easy to watch if you’re a Penguins fan, but then we remember we’ve been lucky to experience it FIVE times!

Let’s go back to the first time they won in 1991:


Or 1992:


Or 2009:

or 2016:

Or 2017:

They say Braden Holtby had a great save in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final:

That’s nice.  So was THE SAVE in the 1991 playoffs:


The Capitals brought the Stanley Cup to the baseball game:

where have I seen that before:


Looks like Alexander Ovechkin is having fun with the Cup:

Yep, the Penguins did that too:

The Capitals taking the Cup to night clubs:

The Penguins did that too:


Capitals fans: Congratulations on winning the best trophy in sports.  It’s great watching you have so much fun winning your first Cup.

Penguins fans: we’ve had so many wonderful memories, and remember: we beat the Capitals in every one of our championship runs!

There might be one thing the Capitals have done with the Cup that the Penguins haven’t:

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