Tiger Woods docks his $20 million, 155 yacht in the Hamptons for the US Open and I don’t like it one bit

Source — Tiger Woods has docked his $20 million, 155-foot yacht in the Hamptons — and he will reportedly stay there during the upcoming US Open, one of golf’s biggest tournaments.

The yacht, which is called “Privacy,” is berthed in Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club, according to PageSix, approximately a one-hour drive from Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, the home of this year’s US Open.


Couple things I don’t like about this…. the number one being that it is over 1 hour away from the course every day.  Is that normal? It feels abnormally far away for someone to travel with a bad back.  Talk about tightening up and getting stiff, sit in a car in stop and go traffic for over an hour and you’ll be tighter than….well you’ll be tight!

Tiger Woods US Open

One other thing I don’t quite get is isn’t “sea legs” a real thing? Tiger is going be rocking back and forth on this yacht all day and night and then just jump on the course and not be off balance?  I don’t like this one bit, I think I am going to send him the most possible amount of Dramamine that the law will allow.

It isn’t all bad news however, apparently there is a theater, Jacuzzi and gym where my boy can relax, loosen up that back and work out to stay loose and entertained while he is away from the course.

I will be in town for the US Open and if you don’t think I am going to be hanging out at Montauk Yacht Club for a look at Tiger, you are dead wrong!  With any luck I’ll be taking selfies aboard “The Privacy” and kissing the Claret Jug with Tiger!

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