Why is nobody talking about Peyton Manning’s HGH case?

In late 2015, Al Jazeera released a documentary that contains bombshell claims about several star athletes using performance enhancing-drugs. Peyton Manning, the most notable name revealed, vehemently denied the allegation at the time. 

But as it turns out, Al Jazeera says Manning’s camp corroborated its source’s accusation. 

The Hollywood Reported published court documents Friday related to baseball players Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard’s defamation lawsuit against Al Jazeera. In them, the network says Manning’s attorneys backed up claims made by Charlie Sly, who says in the documentary he worked for an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis and sent HGH to Manning’s house under his wife’s name.

“Plaintiffs claim that Sly was the ‘single’ source and that Al Jazeera’s outside law firm, Davis Wright Tremaine ,served as a second or ‘corroborating source,’ ” the document says, per THR. “Although contradictory, both claims are false. First, DWT was retained long before any Al Jazeera reporter ever met Sly, to act as Al Jazeera’s pre-broadcast libel review counsel for the Documentary. DWT was not a ‘source’ for anything that appeared in the Documentary. And the Documentary did not rely on a single source. The second, corroborating source for some of Sly’s statements was the Mannings, who voluntarily communicated facts to Al Jazeera through their lawyers at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher.”

I mean this is nowhere on ESPN, NFL Network or anywhere! Tom Brady might have, maybe known something about the wrong PSI levels of a football and the media was going to crucify him. Now we are sitting here with big head fucking Peyton Manning and doing HGH and I haven’t heard peep about it! This mother fucker did HGH and cheated and nobody is talking about it, here’s why.

Peyton Manning took PED’s and still flat out sucked. I mean let’s be honest, he was absolutely terrible. It doesn’t matter what he took, he still couldn’t throw the football down field or throw a spiral.

I don’t care if ESPN is not going to report it is my duty to make sure this gets some traction! Let’s all make sure we all retweet this and spread the word. Peyton Manning is a cheating bastard and everyone needs to know it!

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