Biggest Blunders In Sports History

I’m sure by now you’ve seen J.R. Smith’s blunder in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Cavs had a chance to take the lead on a set of free throws but ended up tying the game.   Then this happened:

Smith claims he knew the game was tied.  Sure you did, JR.

Was this the biggest blunder in sports history?  Let’s look at some of the biggest sports blunders in history:

10. Chris Webber calls a timeout in the 1993 NCAA Championship Game when they didn’t have any timeouts left

9. Leon Lett Celebrates a touchdown too soon in Super Bowl in the 1992 Super Bowl

8. Vikings’ Jim Marshall picks up a fumble and ran the wrong way 

7. Chuck Knoblauch in the 1998 American League Championship Series argues a call about a runner being out while the other runners kept going and scored

6. Bill Buckner’s Boot in the 1986 World Series

5. Merkle’s Boner.  Apparently they made a song about it: 

4. Lindsey Jacobellis showboats before crossing finish line in the gold medal final of the Snowboard Cross at the 2006 Winter Olympics

3. Fred Brown passes it to the wrong team in the closing moments of the 1982 NCAA National Championship Game

2. Duisburg goalkeeper Mark Flekken gives up a goal after going for a drink

  1. Cal-Stanford 1982 game: the band goes on the field before the game is over 

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