Five potential landing spots for Dez Bryant

After his release from Dallas, Dez is now unemployed, looking to begin a new chapter with a new franchise. Below are my five picks that I believe have a good chance at signing the 29 year old veteran.

1.) Washington

With plenty of cap room to sign Dez, and Washington’s history of scooping up Cowboys leftovers, the Redskins could be a good spot for the 29 year old free agent. Seeing his former team twice a year could also add a fire to Dez’s game, and would make for must-watch football.

2.) Jacksonville

After letting Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson walk in free agency, Jacksonville could be an ideal spot for Dez. With a young WR core, Bryant could add depth, and a needed redzone threat for Bortles, giving Fournette a break from being their main goal line weapon.

3.) Houston

Imagine lining up against DeAndre Hopkins and Dez Bryant. Odds will not be in your favor. If the Texans can sign Dez, expect a lot of options for Deshaun Watson, and a lot more “X’s” being thrown up.

4.) Seattle

Acquiring Dez would fit the mold of a Russell Wilson team. Bryant could fit in alongside Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett as Russell Wilson’s go-to targets. After losing Jimmy Graham, there’s no doubt the Seahawks will need a renewal of redzone targets.

5.) San Francisco

After struggling in the redzone last season, the niners need a physical presence who can catch the tall passes in the end zone. Adding Bryant, alongside Garçon, Goodwin, and Taylor would give Jimmy Garoppolo a plethora of redzone targets to choose from.

Question of the day:

Where do you think Dez Bryant will land?

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