What does the Allen Hurns signing mean for Dez?

There’s more controversy in the DFW area after the Dallas Cowboys signed WR Allen Hurns. Many have assumed he will be the replacement for Dez Bryant, but the Cowboys front office has a different perspective on the matter.

Stephen Jones has publicly stated that Hurns wasn’t signed as a replacement for Bryant, despite continued speculation.

If Dez turns down the idea of a restructured contract with the Cowboys, don’t be surprised if he ends up getting cut, giving Hurns the green light for a WR1 spot.

Now let’s ask the most important question; Is Hurns really an upgrade?

Both Dez and Allen have gradually reduced their production over the past couple seasons, giving some doubt to the idea that either is a true WR1. That said, if Dez doesn’t return, someone will have to fill the title of the “Go-To Guy”.

There have also been multiple reports of the Cowboys having interest in drafting Alabama WR Calvin Ridley at pick 19. This puts even more stress on the Cowboys Wide Receiver core. Longtime Cowboy Terrance Williams should feel the pressure more than any other receiver. His production has been somewhere in the basement and if Bryant restructures, and Ridley can step in and become a viable target, expect a quit exit for T-Will.

Question of the day: If you were GM, who would be your ideal WR1 & WR2 for Dallas in the upcoming season?

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