Top 20 Sidney Crosby Most Spectacular Plays Of All-Time


Sidney Crosby scored one of the best goals of the season Wednesday night against the Montreal Canadiens. He batted the puck twice in the air and knocked it past Carey Price. How does it rank on his best goals ever? Let’s take a look: (Note: these are based on how great the play was, not important plays, like the Golden Goal in the 2010 Winter Olympics).

20. A goal where he goes through 2 defensemen vs Florida 2007

19. Another goal where he bats it out of the air, vs Dallas 12/1/16

18. Not a goal, but a sick no-look pass against the Devils 2017

17. Another no-look pass to Phil Kessel in the 2017 playoffs vs Ottawa

16. Another goal where Crosby splits the defense vs Atlanta 12/28/10

15. Another goal where he splits the defense and scores one-handed vs Toronto 1/9/10

14. This wasn’t a Crosby goal but just an example of how he can dominate handling the puck vs Ottawa

13. I don’t even know how to describe this vs Carolina 3/17/16

12. Falling backwards vs Arizona 1/27/06

11. Yet another goal where he slices through the defense, this time vs Calgary 1/13/10

10. Another goal where he goes through the entire team vs Rangers 12/7/06


9. 1 on 4 vs Montreal 3/16/07


8. Great redirect goal, deflecting behind his back and between his legs 4/2/08 vs Flyers

7. Beautiful one-timer vs Flyers in the 2012 playoffs

6. Oh just your typical breakaway goal while he’s getting mugged, vs Anaheim 2/8/16

5. His return goal vs the Islanders after being away for 10 months due to concussion 11/21/11

4. Sliding goal from Mark Recchi vs Tampa Bay Lightning 1/8/07

3. Splits through defenders almost like Mario’s ‘Statue Goal’ vs Islanders 5/19/13

2. He bats it the air twice to put it past Carey Price of the Canadiens 3/21/18

1. One-handed backhand goal against Buffalo 3/21/17


What do you think?  Did I get it right?  Did I miss any?  Leave a comment below.  Thanks for reading!

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