Eight March Madness Upsets GUARANTEED To Happen

Everyone makes a NCAA Tournament bracket in March.  It might be the law actually.  There’s many ways of making your picks:

  1. Which mascot would win in a fight?   I’d like to see a wolverine fight a wildcat.
  2. Coin flip.  I did this one year.  Bad idea.
  3. Jersey colors.  This is how Marge in Accounting always wins.
  4. Actually paying attention to college basketball. Ewww who does that??

No matter which way you make your picks, you’d better pick some upsets because they happen every year.  Which lower-seeded teams will win their matchups?  Here are some:

South Region

10 Texas over 7 Nevada

Don’t ask me why.  Just because.

West Region

9 Florida State over 8 Missouri

4 Gonzaga over 1 Xavier

No, I’m not crazy!

East Region

10 Butler over 7 Arkansas

5 West Virginia over 4 Wichita State

Midwest Region

10 Oklahoma over 7 Rhode Island

I sure hate those 7 seeds.

5 Clemson over 4 Auburn

2 Duke over 1 Kansas

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