Was Saturday’s matchup of the Celtics Rockets a serious and potential Finals matchup? Telling by the reactions on social media, I would say a lot of fans really hope so. Things are really heating up with the less than 20 games to go. That means do or die basketball for some, and for others, a chance to fine tune their game before Playoffs come around. Nothing is better than kicking it back after a hard week of work, and enjoying some NBA games on the weekend. I’m here to catch you up on everything you missed.

Friday 3/2: 10 games


The Raptors continue to be one of the hottest teams in the league, as Derozan and company take down the Wizards 102-95. Is this the year the Raptors can finally get over the hump and make it to the Finals? With the East being wide open at this point, I would like to think they have a serious chance. I wouldn’t take the Raptors lightly come playoff time if I were going up against them. Derozan and Lowry have the Raptors playing the best basketball of their careers.

With the recent struggle of the Timberwolves since the Butler injury, it is safe to say the team is experiencing some anger and frustration. This was clearly shown Friday when Teague took the cheap shot of the year, decking Rubio into the stands. Minnesota has now lost 3 of 5 with their recent 108-116 lose to the Jazz. I really hope Butler can make it back in time for the playoffs, because without him, the post season might not be too long for the Timberwolves.

Other games: 76ers over Hornets, Magic over Pistons, Warriors over Hawks, Bulls over Mavericks, Nuggets over Grizzlies, Pacers over Bucks, Thunder over Suns, Clippers over Knicks

Saturday 3/3: 7 games


Game of the year? NBA Finals matchup? The Rockets Celtics game lived up to its hype. Both teams on fire from three. Kyrie making ridiculous shots, Harden proving yet again why he should be the MVP. This game was every NBA’s fans dream. The Celtics seemed a bit confused down the stretch, and the Rockets took advantage of that. Ariza made a clutch three and steal to help the Rockets outlast the Celtics 123-120. While a Cavaliers Warriors final is still extremely likely, if we are too see a different matchup, I know what one I’ll be rooting for.

BIG BALLER BRAND. Lonzo comes up clutch for the Lakers, as LA remains hot, beating the Spurs 116-112. Lonzo made a career high 6s, with 3 of them coming down the stretch to help the Lakers come back late. While Lonzo has struggled this season, I think we are seeing the true potential this kid has. He is getting it down on both ends of the floor, and it is amazing to watch. IT and Lonzo seem to be working real well together, and if they can add one more superstar to their team, the Lakers will be a serious contender for years to come.

Other games: Magic over Grizzlies, Nuggets over Cavaliers, Heat over Pistons, Trail Blazers over Thunder, Jazz over Kings

Sunday 3/4: 7 games


It really is not talked about enough how well Oladipo is playing for the Pacers this season. His 33 on Sunday helped the Pacers take down the Wizards 98-95. He is currently averaging 24 ppg 5 rpg 4 apg. If it weren’t for such a heavy front running cast for MVP this year, Oladipo would have a legit chance. I am so happy to see him finally playing the basketball we all expected from him out of college. Hopefully Indiana can add one more piece to this team to help him out, and in turn they will have a great future ahead of themselves.

The Kings and Knicks proved Sunday night why they are both bottom of the tier teams. It was a tied game with 5 seconds left, when Skal Labissiere made a 3. Immediately after the Kings bench rushes the court, but forgets to realize that the game isn’t over. This in turn leads to a technical foul on the Kings. Courtney Lee then MISSES the technical FT and the Trey Burke misses the game tying three, as the Kings prevail 102-99. Knicks have been in full blown tank mode since the Porzingis injury.

Other games: Raptors over Hornets, Clippers over Nets, Hawks over Suns, Pelicans over Mavericks, Bucks over 76ers

News stories around the league

  • Kobe Bryant wins an Oscar for his short film “Dear Basketball”
  • JR Smith makes his return after soup incident with Coach Jones
  • Gordon Hayward said to be “definitely out” the remainder of the season
  • Bucks sign free agent Shabazz Muhammad

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