Should College Football Be Run Like The NFL?

On Monday Penn State football announced three non-conference opponents for schedules in the future. They will play Nevada and San Jose State in 2020 and Bowling Green in 2024. This means the series against Pitt will not continue past 2019.

Pitt and Penn State used to be one of the greatest rivalries in college football. They played almost every year from 1893 to 1992 but have only played 6 times since 1992. Scheduling like this is one of the things wrong with college football. We see this all too often – teams schedule weak non-conference opponents which usually creates horrible matchups. Nobody wants to see Alabama play Mercer (last Alabama won 56-0).

Terrible matchups may be one of the reasons that ratings declined in college football in 2017. With the exception of Fox, every network had a decline between 3% and 18%.

College football needs to be run by a central entity instead of by the various conferences. Instead of teams scheduling their own games and creating guaranteed wins, an organization needs to create schedules for games people want to see. Scheduling a game in the lower division should be banned and teams should be forced to play their rivalry games.

Another thing that needs to stop is scheduling teams so far in advance. Teams routinely make schedules 8 or 9 years in advance. Most current coaches and athletic directors won’t even be around when those games are played.


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