Jason Garrett has to GO

After a three-game skid in the 2017 season where the Dallas Cowboys put up some historically atrocious performances, the job security of head coach Jason Garrett has been called into question. But as expected, Jerry Jones backed up his head coach.

Jason won Coach of The Year award just a season ago after going 13-3. Which has to be a reason Jerry has still kept Garrett in control.

Here’s three candidates that I believe could turn this Cowboys team into a contender for years to come.


The former SuperBowl Winning Linebacker who is now the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans seems a viable option for the Dallas Cowboys head coaching position. His resume is stacked with a history of dominating defenses, coaching for his alma matter Ohio State, before joining the Houston Texans.

He’s young and motivated , and has been a key part of some of the most effective defenses in the NFL. Vrabel could bring new life to the defensive side of the ball that has been so bad for so long under Jason Garrett.


LaFleur has experience in the NFL with multiple teams including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, and now Tennessee.

Mostly working as a quarterbacks coach and offensive assistant, LaFleur has been known to have great relationships with his QB’s and their progress under him has been undeniable. During his tenor with the Falcons, Matt Ryan won MVP and the Falcons offense was dynamic, and practically unstoppable. You can’t forget about the young gun Jared Goff, who in his second year was absolutely shredding defenses under the coaching of Sean McVay & Matt LaFleur.

You have to imagine that he is an ideal candidate for a Dallas Cowboys team with a young Dak Prescott, who is still on the bubble of being an elite or average NFL quarterback. LaFleur’s track record shows his coaching style has helped improve the QB play for every team he’s been with, making Dallas a great landing spot for the 38 year old QB expert.


After backing out from the head coaching position in Indianapolis, Josh McDaniels remains a qualified option for the position in Dallas. McDaniels has a forgettable history as a head coach in Denver where he went 11-17 through two seasons but with his recent success with New England, there’s no doubt his Super Bowl experience could translate to another head coaching opportunity elsewhere. Although some skeptics believe he should be restricted to calling plays on the offensive side of the ball, the fact remains that he’s proven himself with the Patriots, and deserves a head coaching job.

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(Via MVPSportsMedia)

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  1. Mike Vrabel would be my first choice to replace Garrett, hands down! I just don’t see Garrett making it the 5 years, the length of his new contract as the Titans head coach, for him to be available.
    With that said, I’d be surprised if McDaniels ever gets another head coaching offer from an NFL team besides the Patriots, with the shenanigans he pulled with Indy. So, that leaves LaFleur. Sure, why not…. Can’t be much worse off than what Dallas, and Mr. Jones, are now!

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