What does the future hold for Dez Bryant ?

Dez Bryant has been titled an “elite” receiver for awhile now but Cowboys fans are questioning the validity of that opinion. With only 14 TD’s in the past 2 seasons it’s clear Dez has fallen off track. Let’s talk about why.

Some say it’s because he hasn’t quite found that certain chemistry with a relatively young Dak Prescott. A chemistry that top tier combos like Roethlisberger/ Brown, Ryan/ Jones, Brady/ Edelman & others maintain on a season-to-season basis. This proves true in the 2017 regular season when it seemed as if Dak and Dez were never on the same page. Dez’s QB was Tony Romo. With a particular connection, the two seemed to be thinking on the same wavelength week after week, and with Dak now under center it seems like Dez is still learning to settle in with his new QB.

From 2012-2014 Dez Bryant averaged 91 receptions in the regular season, that number has dropped dramatically to an average of 72 receptions between 2015-2017. The 29 year old has been experiencing a decline in production that suggests his best days may be behind him.

Entering his ninth season in the NFL, Dez Bryant has no option but to produce, but with Jerry Jones considering Bryant as family, it’s uncertain whether or not the Cowboys would be willing to move on. Although the relationship between Dez and the front office hasn’t always been perfect, there’s a definitive respect between both parties that could potentially harm the production and overall success of this Dallas Cowboys franchise. If Dez continues to struggle without action from the GM, expect plenty of backlash from Cowboys fans nationwide.

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