What We Learned From Super Bowl LII

The Philadelphia Eagles did the impossible on Sunday, beating the New England Patriots 41-33 at US Bank Stadium to win their first Super Bowl. It was going to take a nearly perfect game by all facets of the team to beat the Patriots and that’s what the Eagles did. So what did we learn?

1) Doug Pederson has guts

Often when teams play the Patriots, they get conservative and tighten up. Not the Eagles – they went for it on 4th down twice, including running a reverse with tight end Trey Burton throwing a touchdown to quarterback Nick Foles from the 1 yard line. The Eagles took so many chances and they paid off.

2) Nick Foles had a great postseason

When Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was lost with a season-ending knee injury, most people assumed the Eagles’ chances at a championship were finished. But Nick Foles stepped up to the occasion in the postseason. He had an okay game against the Falcons and looked fantastic against the Vikings in the NFC Championship game. In the Super Bowl, he had the game of his life. He had 28 completions on 43 attempts for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns. Everything worked for Foles – his throws downfield were accuate and his decision-making was terrific.

3) The refs didn’t screw it up

One of the problems with the NFL is that nobody knows what a catch is. The rule is so complicated and there has been so much controversy about it that whenever there is a disputed catch, everyone gets angry. In the Super Bowl there was a couple times where the a catch was under review but wasn’t reversed. It’s as if someone (maybe Roger Goodell) told the refs ‘hey we’re going to fix this catch rule thing in the offseason, but for this game call it a catch if it actually is a catch’

4) Revenge is sweet

LeGarrette Blount spent the past 2 seasons with New England but he was offered a pay cut to stay with the Patriots. He chose to join the Eagles and he got his revenge on Sunday. He had 14 rushes for 90 yards and 1 touchdown.

5) Tom Brady is still the greatest

The Patriots didn’t lose this game because of Tom Brady. He proved once again he’s the greatest of all time by having an amazing game. He had 28 completions for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns. He did have a costly fumble at the end of the game but still had one of the best performances of a quarterback in Super Bowl.

6) The Patriots defense picked a bad time to have an off night

All credit goes to the Eagles offense for being nearly perfect, but the Patriots defense also was awful. They didn’t give the Patriots a chance at winning by giving up 41 points and 538 total yards. They couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t put pressure on Foles and the only good thing they did was a fluke interception.

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