Willie Calhoun gearing up

Texas Rangers fans know it’s frustrating when none of our prospects seem to pan out, take for instance Lewis Brinson who was given to Milwaukee for multiple players who are no longer with the Texas Rangers organization. Or Carl Edwards along with Justin Grimm two young pitchers with bright futures in Chicago , traded for a washed-up Matt Garza who we got rid of as soon as possible. Although Daniel’s tenor with The Rangers has proven successful in some instances, he’s had plenty of big misses, trying to win first and develop later.

With the young talent we have in Nomar Mazara, Willie Calhoun, Ronald Guzman & others, you have to hope Daniels doesn’t trade them off for yet another seasoned vet who is finishing out his career, in the hopes of keeping a shotty hot-streak going. We’ve got some talent.. we just need to hold on to it.

In 13 games with The Rangers during the 2017 season Willie posted a .265 batting average, although a small sample Calhoun seemed comfortable at the plate in the last- and typically most important- month of the regular season. It might be too early to say, But the 23 year old looks like a good piece to plug into this hard-swinging Texas Rangers line-up.

It’s clear that it will be no cake walk to the playoffs in a division consisting of a Houston team full of young superstars and an Angels team loaded with the overseas acquisition of The Japanese Babe Ruth- Shohei Otani , and a young centerfielder you may have heard of named Mike Trout. I fully expect this to be the most competitive season this division has seen in a few years.

To stay in the fight we need to develop young talent and learn to maintain it. I, like many Ranger fans feel good about the divorce between the Rangers and Yu Darvish.

Like any exchange in the MLB, only time will determine the winners and losers of any certain trade. But with the Yu Darvish World Series meltdown of 2017, feel comfortable knowing the Texas side of this deal is feeling much better than those in Los Angeles. Barring any trade or injury, look for Willie Calhoun to find his groove in the this Texas Rangers organization

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