Vince McMahon Announces XFL Revival

WWE chairman announced today the that the XFL, the professional football league that only lasted one season in 2001, will return in 2020. McMahon said this version of the XFL will be different than the previous version.

The previous version was funded by partners, but this league is solely funded by McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment. He said he hasn’t had talks with media outlets yet, but success doesn’t depend on television as it had in the past: “To me the landscape has changed in so many different ways,” McMahon said. “Just look at technology and companies like Facebook and Amazon bidding for sports rights. Even if ratings go down, there’s no denying that live sports rights continue to be valuable and continue to deliver.”

McMahon said there will be 8 teams with a roster of 40 players each. They will play a 10 game regular season. He also said players must stand for the National Anthem and he doesn’t want to mix politics and entertainment. Players with any sort of criminal record will not be allowed to play.

One of the problems of the XFL in 2001 was that games were boring and took too long. McMahon said he’d like games in the new XFL to be 2 hours. Asked what cities will be franchises in the XFL, McMahon said “Every city is on our radar.”

The video that followed the announcement hinted that the game would be quicker, simpler and safer. Fans could gamble on games, play fantasy football and “vote on trades”.

The original XFL featured scantily clad women and boasted violence but the McMahon said this version would be more family-friendly. He said there will be no crossover with wrestling although he still be involved with WWE.

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