Downgrading the Minneapolis Miracle


In its own right, the Minneapolis Miracle, as it’s coming to be known, was an iconic moment in NFL history. Yes, that’s painful for me to utter as a life-long, die-hard Saints fan. And, nothing can change its place in the pantheon of sports great (or dreadful) moments. It’s the kind of play you see today when seeing snippets of plays from the 1970’s or 1980’s. And yes, I’m sure 40 years from now it’ll still be in decent circulation. However, imagine the meaning and significance of that play if it had been the catalyst to the Vikings winning their first ever Super Bowl title……at in their home stadium!!! The thought sends shivers down my back.

As shocked and flabbergasted as I was following the most devastating loss in Saints history, at least for myself, I was more concerned about the sight of Stefon Diggs running into that end zone as time expired burning a collective hole in my retina over the next half century. So, it was not without a collective sigh of relief that I watched the Eagles pull away from the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. I hope the Vikings and their fans do eventually get to the promised land, just not this year, not like this. The Minneapolis Miracle will already go down in the NFL history book as a famous (or infamous) play, I’m just glad it’ll be on page 15 or 20, instead of page one.



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