Breaking: Piece of shit Larry Nassar sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison

Source — LANSING, Mich. — Larry Nassar hung his head and cried periodically during seven days of impact statements from more than 150 athletes who said he sexually abused them. On Wednesday, Nassar told a courtroom that he would carry their words with him “for the rest of my days” before he was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison.

Prosecutor Angela Povilaitis had asked Judge Rosemarie Aquilina to sentence Nassar to up to 125 years — one year for every person who had submitted a police report at the time of his guilty plea. The plea deal set sentencing guidelines at 25-40 years, which means that Nassar would has the option to back out of the agreement because Aquilina sentenced him to more than 40 years.

What a day for all those victims in this case! This piece of shit will never see the light of day (hopefully) after this punishment and hopefully this allows some of the victims to start healing.  Larry Nassar is one of the biggest pieces of shit in the world and I for one wish I could watch him rot in prison and get his ass kicked.

Let’s always remember Aly Raisman tear the US Gymnastics team and Larry Nassar into absolute shreds:

Let’s hope this leads to serious change and no child ever has to go through what these poor girls had to go through.


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