Best 90s Movie Tournament Update

The Best 90s Movie Tournament is underway!  You can vote for round one at these links:

Let’saA look at some of the matchups:

Best Action Movie Bracket: 

1 Twister vs 16 Face/Off

8 True Lies vs 9 Lethal Weapon 3

4 The Fugitive vs 13 Tomorrow Never Dies

5 Mission: Impossible vs. The World Is Not Enough

3 Dances With Wolves vs. 14 Apollo 13 – so far Apollo 13 is winning by a large margin!

6 Air Force One vs 11 The Rock – close battle!

7 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves vs 10 Rush Hour – another close one!

2 Armageddon vs 15 Broken Arrow


Best Sci-Fi Movie Bracket: 

1 Jurassic Park vs. 16 Batman Forever

8 12 Monkeys vs 9 The Fifth Element

4 Jurassic Park: The Lost World vs. 13 Star Trek: First Contact – Cmon Star Trek fans!

5 Terminator 2: Judgement Day vs. 12 Demolition Man – Terminator 2 is my personal fav

3 Men in Black vs 14 Dark City

6 The Matrix vs 11 Starship Troopers

7 Total Recall vs 10 Galaxy Quest

2 Independence Day vs  15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Best Comedy Movie Bracket: 

1 Groundhog Day vs 16 Clerks

8 There’s Something About Mary vs 9 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – it’s close!

4 Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery vs 13 Friday

5 My Cousin Vinny vs 12 Clueless – it’s a shame that these classics should meet in the 1st round!

3 Dumb and Dumber vs 14 Office Space – another great matchup in the 1st round!

6 Happy Gilmore vs 11 Kingpin

7 Wayne’s World vs 10 Tommy Boy – very close!

2 The Big Lebowski vs 15 Dazed and Confused

Best Drama Movie Bracket: 

1 Forrest Gump vs. 16 The Things I hate About You

8 Titanic vs 9 Fight Club – Titanic is losing.  Are there that many Fight Club fans or that many Titanic haters?

4 The Shawshank Redemption vs 13 Good Will Hunting

5 Schindler’s List vs 12 Malcom X

3 Pulp Fiction vs 14 Seven

6 The Silence of the Lambs vs 11 Boyz N The Hood

7 Saving Private Ryan vs 10 The Lion King

2 Goodfellas vs 15 Scream

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