What We Learned From The Conference Championship Games

The NFL Conference Championship games featured one exciting game (New England beating Jacksonville 24-20) and one dud (Philadelphia beating Minnesota 38-7). So it’s the Patriots and Eagles in a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX. What did we learn from these games?

1) Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time

As much as it pains me to say this, can you think of a quarterback that’s better? You knew that when the Patriots were down by 10 in the 4th quarter that Brady would find a way to put the team ahead. It wasn’t easy – at one point they converted on a 3rd and 18 and Danny Amendola’s reception for the go-ahead touchdown was amazing. Brady holds the record for postseason wins with 27.

2) Jacksonville was almost perfect

To beat the Patriots in Foxboro, you have to have a flawless game. The Jaguars almost did that. They moved the ball effectively on the ground and air, their defense held the Patriots’ offense in check and they had a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter. But they were too conservative. With under a minute remaining in the 1st half, they didn’t even try to move the ball. In the 2nd half, their play calling was conservative and somehow they got a delay of game penalty after taking a time out. You just can’t make mistakes against the Patriots.

3) Jacksonville has a bright future

The Jaguars went 3-13 last year and this year was a Tom Brady drive from going to the Super Bowl. They have everything needed to be good for a long time – a great defense and a strong running game. If Blake Bortles can be as good as he’s been this postseason, Jacksonville will be a force to be reckoned with next year.

4) The Eagles are for real

The Vikings game into the NFC Championship game with lot of momentum but that came to a grinding halt in Philadelphia. The Eagles’ defense caused Case Keenum to have a horrible game and Nick Foles had the game of his career. Can they do the same against the greatest quarterback of all time and the team of the decade? We’ll find out February 4.


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