Breaking down the Miracle in Minneapolis

I am still in awe this morning as the Minnesota Vikings stole a win from the Saints on the last play of the game last night. Let’s break it down:

First things first, how are the Saints not in cover 4 or prevent defense?? Being in cover 3 here is pure insanity and stupidity by Sean Peyton and the Saints defense. If they are in prevent and just rally to Diggs he either goes out of bounds and the Vikings attempt a long FG or Hail Mary… or they keep him inbounds and the game is over.

Let’s forget that the Saints called a stupid defense. This safety makes the worst play ever in the history of the NFL, maybe even all major sports. This is worse than Billy Buckner, worse than Steve Bartman. How the hell do you dive straight into the turf? He had a chance to win the game but instead shit his pants and it costed the Saints a trip to the NFC Championship.

Maybe it’s just the Vikings year and everything is going to break their way. I guess we will see…

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