ESPN makes up more bullshit about the Patriots

So ESPN is about to drop this “bombshell” tomorrow that Brady, Belichick and Kraft are having a serious rift. ESPN is saying that this is their last season together and that Brady made Kraft trade Jimmy G.

This is such a non story I wish I wasn’t even typing this article. Let’s think about this for a second…

The best trio to ever be in the NFL ever is having a rift about who deserves the most recognition for their success? This is just nonsense. When has anyone ever compared a QB to a coach to an owner? ESPN is so fucking stupid it makes me sick. It’s simple let me break it down for you:

Tom Brady = best QB ever

Bill Belichick = best HC ever

Robert Kraft = best owner ever

Simple. Done. Oh yeah and thank you for the motivation for Super Bowl #6. It’s much easier to split the recognition…. two a piece.

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