Days of our Steelers Lives

Let’s pretend you’re a screenwriter and you wanted to sell a story of a certain football team. You pitch the story and start with these plot lines:

The best running back in the league gets a franchise tag meaning he gets a guaranteed one year deal for $12 million. The team tries to sign him to a long term deal but he turns it down. He holds out of training camp to prevent an injury.

Then the President attacks NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem. All teams decide how they will respond to his attacks. This team decides to stay off the field during the anthem but that doesn’t work out as one player, the former Army Ranger, is shown saluting the anthem while the rest of the team stays in the tunnel. People are outraged, burning jerseys and vowing to never be fans of the team again.

Then when playing their division rivals, the star wide receiver gets frustrated at the quarterback being wide open and throws a Gatorade cooler in frustration.
Then, playing a normally lousy team, the quarterback throws 5 interceptions and the team loses. The quarterback, who hasn’t been playing well all year, says ‘maybe I don’t have it anymore’.

Then, playing an undefeated team in their own stadium, the team wins even though it was a heavy underdog. A week later, the wide receiver who missed all of the previous year because of a drug suspension, goes on social media and says he’s better than teammates and complains about his role. He is suspended for the next game.

THEN, while playing their hated rivals, the star linebacker and the best player on the defense gets hurt on a tackle, is possibly paralyzed and may never play again. The teams always play in brutal games and continue that trend, causing injuries and suspensions.

THEN, playing the best team in the conference and the team they never seem to beat, they lose the game on a controversial call on a touchdown catch and confusion at the end of the game. All anyone could talk about was the league’s officiating and rules as to what is a catch.

THEN, the team releases an old linebacker that is a legend but hasn’t played much this season. He joins the team that just beat them which really annoys his former teammates. They talk about how he demanded to be released, slept during meetings and leaving games early.

If you pitched this story to any studio, they’d laugh in your face and tell you all of those things couldn’t possibly happen. But all of this happened to the Steelers this season and the season isn’t over yet. What’s next? An evil twin brother? A wedding? Stay tuned!

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