Aaron Rodgers is back, what does that mean for the Packers?

It is very hard to be a Green Bay Packers fan and not be excited that Aaron Rodgers is back this week against the Panthers.  It is obvious that if the Packers want to make the playoffs they needed AR12 back and they needed him back now.  There was just no way that the Packers would beat the Panthers with Hundley at QB – no chance.


The Packers have games in Carolina, against the Vikings in Lambeau and in Detroit to end the season and if they want to make the playoffs they will need to go 3-0.  All of these games will be extremely tough – starting with Carolina on the road.  Although AR12 is back on the field they are still facing a very tough Carolina defense that is one of the best in the NFL.  Also, just because Rodgers is on the field – the Packers defense is still horrendous.

If the Packers want to win this game it will be on the very fragile right shoulder of Aaron Rodgers.  There is no way that the Packers defense will be able to contain Cam Newton and the Panthers and Rodgers will have to be at his best to get this win. If they get this one, it won’t get any easier against the 10-3 Vikings next week.

But first, they just need to get this one in Carolina.

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