Round 2 Q&A with smokeshow Jess Whitsen

Name: Jess Whitsen


Instagram: @jesswhitsen

Twitter: @jesswhitsen

Q:  Are your breasts real?

J: Does it matter?


Q: Do you enjoy sucking dick?
J: I love it.
Q: Do you lick balls/asshole?
J: Yes, guys or girls.
Q: That’s hot, so are you into girls as well?
J: Who isn’t into hot girls?
Q: Do you do threesomes?
J: I’ve done a few threesomes. Actually enjoy doing fetish stuff with couples (girl+guy in a relationship).
Q: What about orgys?
J: No, I tried with three guys at once, but it was too much for me.
Q: Do you do anal?
J: I love it. Especially when one of my legs is propped up on the kitchen table 😉
Q: Do you like chains, whips, toys, sex swings?
J: I’ve used a few toys before. I probably shouldn’t say what I’ve used though…
Q: Where is your favorite place for men to cum?
J: On my DDs or on my face 😉
Q: Are you a squirter?
J: Huge squirter. I don’t want sex with a guy if he isn’t going to make me squirt.
Q: What’s your favorite thing about sex?
J: Looking directly into a guy’s eyes right when I squirt.

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