Tom Brady is going to win the MVP at 40

ESPN — It’s a big week for the MVP poll. Two of the top three candidates played each other on Sunday night, when one outplayed the other. And while there’s a change at the top as a result, neither is our new No. 1.

It has been Carson Wentz at the top of our poll since we started it at midseason, but Tom Brady has been right behind him the whole time. And while it was Russell Wilson who helped end Wentz’s win streak, he wasn’t the one who zoomed past the Eagles quarterback for the top spot in our poll.

With four weeks to play, the MVP leader is a dude who has won it twice before. Can Brady hold on? Is it fair to knock it away from Wentz after one down week? And how much gap-closing do the Seahawks need to do in the standings to put Wilson in the lead with all he’s doing for them?

These and other questions are discussed at some length in this week’s edition of our MVP poll.

Brady ended up getting 8 first place votes with Wentz and Wilson each getting 2 by those ESPN experts:

Look – if Tom Brady doesn’t win the MVP I’d be shocked.  His schedule is not very difficult to end the season with Dolphins, Steelers, Bills and Jets.  Meanwhile, the Eagles have the Rams, Giants, Raiders and Cowboys while the Seahawks have Jaguars, Rams, Cowboys and Cardinals – not the hardest schedules but I feel much harder than TB12 has.

I think Tom Brady has thrown his last interception of the year and when Hogan (injury) and Gronk (suspension) come back I really like the Patriots offense to expand and Brady to finish this season very strong for another NFL MVP award for the GOAT!

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