Q & A with smokeshow Jess Whitsen

Name: Jess Whitsen
Height: 5’7
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Boob size: 36 DD
Q: What’s your Favorite sport?
Jess: Lacrosse
Q What is your favorite NFL team?
J: Philadelphia Eagles
Q: How long have you been a model?
J: Since I was 18 πŸ˜‰
Q: What got you into modeling?
J: I was scouted by an agent when I was 18, he helped me put together and submit a portfolio. I got hired for a shoot and it was easy money. I quickly ended up doing modeling and camming online. Changed up my model aliases every few years: lovegisele, gotgisele, xogisele. Now I’m embarking on the next step in my modelings career by opening my own modeling agency: Jess Whitsen Modeling.
Q: Are you currently single?
J: Yes. I am single by choice.
Q: What are you looking for in a guy?
J: Handsome, smart, athletic, funny, successful, but most importantly that he’s a gentlemen to women.
Q: Could anyone ever get a date from sliding into your DM’s?
J: It’s happened before.
Q: Favorite thing about your body?
J: My bust size and the fact that my booty is an inch bigger than Kim Kardashian’s.
Q: Favorite thing about a guys body?
J: Handsome face, and big where it counts πŸ˜‰
Q: Favorite sexual position?
J: From behind with my leg up on the kitchen table
Q: Anything else you want to share sexually?
J: I am a freak and most guys or girls would never guess what I’m into sexually.
Q: Any advice you want to give to men out there?
J: Treat your girl like she’s gold.
Q: Any advice you want to give to young models?
J: Always dress to impress.

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  1. I’m a biggest fan of Jess Whitsen at Central America in El Salvador and someday I would like to know her face to face when I will stay in Houston on vacations if she still live there


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