Did the College Football Playoff committee get it right?

#1 Clemson

#2 Oklahoma

#3 Georgia

#4 Alabama


I really think the only argument to be made here is Alabama or Ohio State.  Ohio State is coming in red hot – winners of 4 in a row and Big10 Champions.  With some big wins against Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin.   For all you out there saying “those are the 3 big wins?” – they are far better than any win that Alabama has this season.

The Crimson Tide took the coward way into the playoffs this year with a cupcake schedule, especially down the stretch.  Bama played only 3 ranked teams all season – LSU at home, @ Mississippi State and @ Auburn.  With a 2-1 record against ranked teams and not being in the SEC Championship – I am very surprised to see Alabama in the 4 spot.

There is no doubt that on paper and with the naked eye Alabama seems like the much better team.  There is no doubt that the 55-24 loss at Iowa is why the Buckeyes are not in the Playoffs – and you know what – I am okay with that.

Alabama vs. Clemson 3.0 is a huge draw and will be another great game.  Georgia and Oklahoma will be a great one as well.

I am excited to get things started!

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