Eli Manning benched for Geno Smith, wait what?

ESPN – The New York Giants are benching quarterback Eli Manning, and Geno Smith will start this week against the Oakland Raiders.

“Geno will start this week,” coach Ben McAdoo said in a statement. “Over the last five games, we will take a look at Geno, and we will also give [rookie third-round pick] Davis [Webb] an opportunity.”

Manning has started 210 consecutive regular-season games for the Giants.

What the flying fuck? Listen, I fucking despise Eli Manning. He is the reason Tom Brady still needs to play football at the age of 40. He’s the reason the Pats aren’t 7x Super Bowl champions.

Again, I fucking hate Eli Manning.  I understand he is having one of the worst seasons of his career and maybe of any QB ever, but does New York really think that Geno Smith is the answer?  Do they forget that he is 12-18 lifetime with 28 touchdowns and 36 interceptions?  Do they realize that he is god awful and couldn’t even play for the Jets? I’d love to be in the room with these genius decision makers. Absolutely moronic – and I don’t care what anyone says, we have seen the last of Eli Manning in New York.

Wouldn’t he look damn good in Cleveland?

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