Jahlil Okafor’s Uncertain Future on the 76ers

Jahlil Okafor has been in the NBA for 3 years now and he has shown proven starting center skills.  His averages in the past 2 years have been great, but the Sixers decided to focus more on Embiid & Simmons as the cornerstones of the franchise.

Last season, the Sixers attempted to play Embiid & Okafor together, but it didn’t work out too well due to the lack of floor spacing on the offensive end as Embiid played PF and Okafor played the center position.

If the two played together, Embiid would be shooting more jumpshots while Okafor would be posting up.  Embiid shooting that many jumpshots further away from the basket would be more detrimental than beneficial because Embiid is at his best when he’s posting up or attacking the rim around the free throw line area.

At the beginning of the season, the Sixers announced they were planning to trade Okafor for a first round pick, but the market wasn’t too keen on that.  Okafor lost trade market value because Coach Brown decided not to play him at all anymore unless Embiid is not playing.

Now, Okafor’s asking price is a 2nd round pick.  He has gone on record to him either wanting a buyout or trade as long as he can play.

Okafor is only in his 3rd season and he has unbelievable talent and potential that any team would kill to have on their team.

Keep an eye out on this complex situation.

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