Packers get blown out at Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers got shut out at Lambeau Field today 23-0 by the Baltimore Ravens, all but ending their playoff hopes in my opinion.  The Vikings have a demanding lead in the NFC North and they are now in a very tough spot for the Wild Card position as well.  I wrote that the Packers would need to win three out of four in the next month for it to make sense for Aaron Rodgers to rush a comeback from his broken collarbone.

This just got a lot more difficult as their next three opponents are @Steelers, vs. Buccaneers and @Browns.  I simply do not see how they go into Pittsburgh and steal a win – especially after seeing their offense turn the ball over five times and looked like they could not score against anyone.  The next two are definitely winnable but Tampa is not easy to score on and I don’t see them going on the road there and winning either.  That looks like after Cleveland it will be a 6-7 Green Bay Packer team with a decision to bring AR12 back, or concede the season.

I guess it will depend on where they are in the playoff race, but I do not see the benefit of rushing him back and risking significant injury long term for an outside chance of maybe making the playoffs.  I think they should just shut him down and look forward to next year.  I guess we shall see what they decide to do.

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