Bucks lose in embarrassing fashion in Dallas

There was a lot of buzz around the Milwaukee Bucks in the East this year – especially after the Eric Bledsoe trade a couple weeks back, however after watching them lose 111-79 last night in Dallas I am not sold on this team.

Giannis scored 24 points and grabbed 17 rebounds and Khris Middleton added 23 points for Milwaukee but they got literally no help from their surrounding cast.  The next highest scorer for the Bucks was Tony Snell with 8 points, that is some drop-off.  The Bucks also played just terrible defense, allowing 111 points to the very poor shooting Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavs shot 50% from three – knocking down 19 of them and 48% from the field total.  These three balls were wide open threes and if the Bucks want to do any damage in the East, they better tighten up their defense and find some offensive help.

Jabari Parker is targeting a February return for the Bucks and that should help with some offensive power – but if the Bucks want to be in the playoff run by then they need to really firm up their defense.  If not, it might be too late for Parker to help this team.  Only time will tell.

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