CP3’s return wasn’t pretty, but showed promise for Rockets

Chris Paul returned to his new team the Houston Rockets against the Suns.  Paul has been out since  the season opener on Oct. 17th because of a bruised left knee injury from the Oct. 11th game in Memphis in preseason. The Rockets are expected to ease him back into play with a minutes restriction over the next few games.

Paul’s return brings back a complex situation to the Rockets due to the fact him and James Harden are both very ball dominate players.  Both players have noted that it will not be an issue but time will tell. Harden and Paul have the potential to be the best backcourt in the NBA with the help of their coach, Mike D’Antoni, who is an offensive savant when it comes to the nuisances and technicalities of offense.  But, the teams success depends on how these two guards can coexist.

Paul ended up with 11 pts. with 10 assists in 21 minutes, while Harden had a star studded night with 48 pts. and 7 assists in 35 mins. It seemed like Paul and Harden didn’t miss a beat and their chemistry looked solid for the most part.

Watch out for Houston if they stay healthy…


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