Celtics win 14th in a row against Warriors, are they legit?

What a game last night at the Garden and the crowd was absolutely rocking.  It truly felt like a playoff game and everyone around Boston was saying “time to see if we are legit”, “this is going to be a reality check”.  Boy, was it!  This team’s grit and courage is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before from a Celtics team since KG, Pierce, Ray and Rondo were here playing defense and winning a Championship.

Now I will take a giant step back.  I am not sure if this team can get past Cleveland in the East or Golden State in seven game series for the Championship but you have to respect them now.  There is no other choice (unless you’re Charles Barkley) to respect them at this point.

As Kyrie Irving once said 14 wins ago – “suck my dick” Charles!  Are you kidding me? How can you say that this Boston Celtics team is not better than last year’s team?  How can you say that we will not get past Cleveland, Toronto or Washington?  This is just stupid and moronic comments from Barkley and I cannot wait for him to eat his words.

The reason this team is much better and might have a chance to at least get to the NBA Finals is because of defense.  The Celtics scored 92 points, shot 33% from the field and turned the ball over 15 teams and still beat the best team the NBA has ever seen (at least in this era).  Gordon Hayward was on the bench in a walking boot, Kyrie Irving shot 4 for 16 and had just 16 points and the Boston Celtics still beat the Golden State Warriors – because of defense.  Steph Curry was held to just 9 points on 3 for 14 shooting, Klay Thompson just 13 point s on 5 for 18 shooting and Draymond Green just 11 points on 3 for 11 shooting.  That is VERY IMPRESSIVE!  Kevin Durant still had a good day, scoring a game high 24 points on 9 for 18 shooting – but if you can hold the other three to bad shooting days then you can clearly beat this team.

Time will tell just how good this Boston Celtics team is but I am going to ride this high and enjoy it.  The young kids are getting a lot of valuable play and that will only help them grow.  This team is here to stay in the East for years to come – it’s an exciting time to be a Green fan!

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