Josh Gordon – savior or a mistake?

Not much has gone right for the Browns this season. It’s been tough to watch even with my rose-colored glasses. We’ve seen no wins, few points, several bad decisions and a myriad of mistakes. There’s blame to go around, but as Browns fans, we just want our team to win. Can the resurrection of Josh Gordon from NFL damnation help this team?

The Browns face a remaining schedule that features nothing resembling an easy game. Sure, there are opportunities, but every opponent has a minimum of three wins at this point. It’s funny to say, but the Green Bay Packers visit to Cleveland may present the best chance for our Browns to secure a victory and avoid the stigma of going 0-16. The Packers are vulnerable due to injuries, including one to all-world QB Aaron Rodgers.

Enter Josh Gordon…again. We’ve been here before. In fact, we’ve been here several times. Each time we’ve taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. It’s hard not to when you’re talking about a guy who may be the most talented receiver in the NFL. Oh, what might have been for Josh Gordon. He’s been away for a while this time, but we all remember the insane ability. We know what he can do. He’s like the winning ticket to the Super Lotto that we bought and haven’t been able to find for years. Well, we found it and in a few weeks, we’ll see if the prize money is still available.

Herman Edwards leads a group who would not want Gordon on their team. It’s an interesting debate. In reality, it boils down to how you view drug and alcohol addiction and someone’s ability or inability to recover from said disease. Some see it more as a self-inflicted malady and feel no pity for Gordon or anyone else who winds up in similar circumstances. I don’t feel pity for Josh Gordon, but it has been painful to watch a talent like him be unable to stay on the field, especially since he’s a Cleveland Brown.

Is Gordon recovered or recovering? I’ll say that this time it feels a little different than the others. Everything from his video to the shocking honesty revealed in his recent GQ interview makes it feel that way. We’ve all learned by now that Josh is a player whom we must hope and pray does well and stays sober. We can’t expect that everything is just fine going forward. I believe he is recovering from this disease and unfortunately, that means that he could fall victim once again.

Is Josh Gordon a savior or a mistake? I don’t think either applies. We have to temper our expectations. Josh instantly becomes the best receiver on the Browns regardless of any drop off from prior performance. He can help this team, but he doesn’t need the pressure of having to turn this thing around alone. It’s also not a mistake to take yet another chance on a player with Gordon’s ability. We just can’t count on anything from him. We don’t know if he can stay sober.

Here’s hoping that the lottery ticket is still valid. We need a spark in Cleveland and Josh Gordon can provide it. He’s not a savior for anyone except himself. Best of luck to Flash Gordon and to the Cleveland Browns!

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