Jets vs Buccaneers preview

The 4-5 New York Jets will be heading down to Tampa bay to face the 2-6 Tampa Bay Bucs. Nobody predicted the Bucs to be this bad and for the Jets to be this average. The Bucs would have to win the rest of there games to be in contention for a playoff spot, which is extremely unlikely. The Jets are right in the mix fighting for a wild card spot.

The Jets will face the Bucs without there two best Players Jameis Winston and Mike Evans. Winston has a hurt shoulder and Mike Evans is suspended for blind siding Marshon Lattimore in a team brawl. With Winston out, this means the Bucs will start former Jet Ryan Fitzpatrick. Funny how things worked out for him to get his first start of the season vs his former team. As long as the Jets don’t let the Bucs establish a run game, which they haven’t been able to all year, then the Jets should take care of business in Tampa. If you make Fitzpatrick throw the ball, the Jets are bound to get turnovers and control the game.

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