Best Point Guard In The Eastern Conference

In the Eastern Conference, there only a handful of outstanding point guards that come to mind: Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Isaiah Thomas, Kemba Walker, Kyle Lowry, and Ben Simmons.

These point guards come to mind because of their scoring ability and playing making. One attribute that stands out, that makes a player the best is “defense”.  Most point guards in the NBA do not play defense on each other anymore for a number of reasons, but it’s clear as day they can’t keep up with each other in transition or a half-court set.

Teams primary defender’s in today’s NBA are normally in the SG or SF position (Klay Thompson, Andre Roberson, Kawhi Leonard) and they’re rarely point guard’s.

Since scoring, playmaking and defense make you the best in your respective position, the best two-way point guard in the East is John Wall.


Yes, Irving and Walker are scoring machines, but Wall has something that sets him apart from the rest and that’s playing great defense.

Wall is a very athletic playmaker/scorer that defends everyone on the floor no matter their size or position. He takes the hardest defensive assignments, such as guarding Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry.  All of those players are nearly impossible to stop but he finds a way to get make it difficult for them to score.

John Wall is being looked at as the best point guard in the Eastern Conference currently because of his two-way . This season he’s averaging 20.8 ppg, 10.8 asp, 1.2 spg.

According to Basketball-Reference, last year, Wall was the leader in steals at 2.0 spg.

This should be another successful year for the Wizard’s franchise player.



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