Eric Bledsoe traded to Milwaukee

The new Milwaukee Bucks team looks new and fresh after the Eric Bledsoe for Greg Monroe and a 1st Round and possibly a 2nd round pick.

The new starting lineup looks like this:

Point Guard: Eric Bledsoe

Shooting Guard: Malcom Brogdon

Small Forward: Kris Middleton

Power Forward: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Center: Thon Maker

This new starting line will include Jabari Parker whenever he recovers if he ever does but what makes this line-up insane is the wingspans of this group. With Eric Bledsoe having the smallest wingspan of 6’7” both Brogdon and Middleton have a wingspan of 6’10” and the last two, Giannis and Thon Maker, having a 7’3” wingspan which is insane. It will be interesting to follow this team as the trade is getting finalized but overall a smart move to get rid of the expiring contract of Greg Monroe and add an asset that can help win some games and take some of the load of the so far MVP Giannis.

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