NBA (top 10) power rankings

First Monday of November and it’s time to come out with our NBA power rankings! Let us know what you think…

qhhir6fj8zp30f33s7sfb4yw01. Golden State Warriors

7-3 record

Rough 2-3 start for the Warriors but they are back clicking and scoring points in bunches.  Given that they are by far the most talented team in the NBA, it’s hard not to put them at #1 after 5 straight wins.

  slhg02hbef3j1ov4lsnwyol5o.gif  2. Boston Celtics

8-2 record

Man, imagine if Gordon Hayward didn’t go down like he did just 6 minutes into this season?  This team would be looking at a 10-0 start and the number one ranking.  Winners of 8 in a row, watch out for Boston in the East.

 8xe4813lzybfhfl14axgzzqeq.gif  3. Houston Rockets

8-3 record

James Harden is his old self again scoring 56 and assisting for 35 more for 91 total points scored or assisted on and when Chris Paul is back and healthy this team is going to give Golden State a run for their money in the West.

23296692018.gif4. Minnesota Timberwolves

7-3 record

Also started off 2-3 this season but winners of 5 in a row it looks like this team is finally learning to play with each other and feel each other out.

  23325472018.gif  5. San Antonio Spurs

6-4 record

This team is banged up but still in the thick of things in the West.  When Leonard and Parker are back and healthy, they will be a top 3 team in the West as usual.

khmovcnezy06c3nm05ccn0oj2.gif6. Oklahoma City Thunder

4-5 record

Much like the Wolves, I think that this team will eventually start playing together and figuring things out to bang out 10 wins in a row and be a top 4 seed in the West.  If I was Golden State, I wouldn’t want to run into OKC with their Big 3.

22745782016.gif7.  Toronto Raptors

5-4 record

Tough stretch to start the season for Toronto with a six game Western Conference road trip and going 3-3 is actually pretty damn respectable with their losses against the Warriors and Spurs being only a combined 9 points – they should run off some wins at home against the East.

22321642018.gif8.  Detroit Pistons

7-3 record

Andre Dummond is shooting 75 percent from the free throw line which pretty much makes him unstoppable.  If he can continue that the Pistons will be a real threat in the East, I just don’t think he can.

22269212018.gif9. Cleveland Cavaliers

4-6 record

Struggle city in Cleveland right now with nothing going right it seems. With losses against the Hawks, Pacers, Knicks, Pelicans, Nets and Magic – it isn’t as thought the Cavs are losing to the best teams in the NBA.  I’m sure Lebron and company will figure it out but for now, woof.

23997252018.gif10. Portland Trail Blazers

6-4 record

Damien Lillard is off to a fantastic start to the season and it seems as though this team will be very tough to beat at home, especially when they are knocking down the 3 ball.




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