RUMOR: Jon Gruden to Tennessee?



I don’t care if this is all fake or what, this gets me excited!  Jon Gruden needs to get back on the sideline and I think Tennessee is a perfect fit.  They have a massive following in the SEC and they will able to pay him a shitload of money – so why woudn’t he do it?

I know that Tennessee would love to have this guy on their sidelines and if once they get rid of Butch Jones, I think they will pursue Gruden very hard.  The decision will be if Gruden will be willing to give up his gig at ESPN and as we’ve seen in the past, it isn’t going to be easy.

Gruden has has multiple teams go after him very hard and none have succeeded so I wouldn’t think Tennessee would be any different.  I think a perfect scenario might bring Gruden out of the booth and back to the sidelines, but I do not think Tennessee is that.  The SEC is no joke and you are competing against Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss, etc. every single year for the top talent in the country.

Yes, I think Gruden makes Tennessee very attractive – but I do not think it puts them ahead of Alabama and Saban.  This should be fun to talk about for the next couple months until they FIRE BUTCH JONES!

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