Initial reaction to Rockets win in Golden State

I only watched the first half last night due to a very prolonged and awful NBA Championship ring ceremony, but I just watched most of the second half and the ending and here’s what I think:

No matter how much talent and skill you put on the Warriors, they still cannot play defense. While the Rockets did knock down 15 threes last night, they did not shoot the call well. Harden was just 10-23 with 27 points and Chris Paul was held to 2-9 shooting and 4 points. Yet, the Rockets still won this basketball game. 

The one bright side for the Warriors was Nick Young who went off last night for 23 points on 8 of 9 from the field and 6 of 7 from behind the arc. If he can do that all season this Warriors team might be unstoppable, even if they don’t play defense. The starting 5 from Golden State really struggled all game which is surprising against a Rockets defense that is below average and doesn’t really take pride in that side of the floor. It’s not unusual to have an off night when you are getting your rings and that showed with Curry, Durant and Thompson shooting a combined 21 for 47 and scoring just 58 of the 121. 

I guess that could be a blessing, if these three heat up then they would have thrown up 150 in Oracle Arena last night and got the easy W.  No matter what, Golden State will have to ramp up their defense this year in a stacked West and it won’t be easy to get back to the Finals. 

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