Happy birthday Paul Pierce!

For as long as I can remember growing up, #34 hit so many big shots and gave the Celtics a great run.  Of course, he needed KG and Ray Allen to win his one and only Championship, but man he was good.

Some of these highlights still baffle me because when you look at Pierce, he looks like a doughy, overweight, unathletic basketball player.  However, when he was on the court he performed and put on a show.  He could knock down the three, take it to the hole and of course hit that infamous pull up jump shot from the elbow.  I’ll never forget going to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2008 at the TD Garden and Pierce and Lebron were going back and forth all game. The Celtics ended up stealing the game 97-92 despite Lebron going off for 45 points thanks to Pierce answering with 41 of his own.  The Garden was going absolutely insane and that is when I fell in love with Pierce and saw just how good he was.

Thank you for everything, PP!

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