Court restores Elliott’s 6-game ban

This is bananas that the courts continue to rule on the side of Adolf Hilter Roger Goddell.  The amount of power Goddell has is absolutely pathetic and I cannot believe that the NFLPA does not put a stop to this bullshit.

Look, we all know that it is more likely than not that Elliott did something that night – just like we all know something happened with Tom Brady and Deflategate, but you cannot just go around suspending people without some solid proof!  This is a slippery slope and if the NFLPA doesn’t do something soon, Goddell will be running around suspending people because he doesn’t like them.

If I was a Cowboys fan or had Elliott in my fantasy team, I’d be bullshit… but since I am neither this deosn’t really affect me other than watching Hilter get away with murder yet again.

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