Are The Pats In Serious Trouble?

Fresh off a very ugly 19-14 win in Tampa Bay last night, I woke up today feeling that the Patriots are in big trouble.  While it wasn’t all bad, here is the good, bad and ugly from last night’s game:

Good –

Believe it or not it’s in the defense, specifically the secondary.  There was still little to no pass rush what so ever, but the secondary’s coverage was much better last night – which was a relief.  Yes, they gave up a lot of yards and Folk missed 3 field goals –

It is still much better to see the D have the ability to hold teams to field goals and not let up easy touchdowns all night.  If the defense can play like this, I will have a lot more faith in the Pats making some noise this year.

Tom Brady.  This guy is the GOAT and he looked good despite having little to no time all night he gutted out the win for the Pats.

Danny Amendola also looked very good.  If he can continue to gain Tom’s trust he will have an Edelman like season this year.

Bad –

The pass rush and run defense.  The Patriots couldn’t get to Winston at all last night and it was hard to watch at times, especially down the end when Winston had all day to move down the field and give them a chance to win this game.  Yes, the Patriots are credited with 2.0 sacks in the game but one was a coverage sack and one was when Winston dropped the snap and still almost got rid of the football.

Even worse, was the run defense.  If the Bucs had a good coaching staff they would have run it right down the Patriots throats all game and fed Doug Martin, who looked fresh.  Martin had 13 carriers for 74 yards and a TD.  That one touchdown drive that the Bucs had was because they gave Martin the ball and he thrashed the Patriots front seven.  If teams pick up on that and pound the rock, the Pats will struggle.

Ugly –

The offensive line. Tom was on his back all night and had little to no time to have plays develop.  The scary part is this isn’t a good pass rush, at all! They went 120 drop backs without a sack until they came up against the Pats where they recorded 3 sacks and a lot more pressure. If the Pats want to really turn this season around they will need to protect Tom and keep him healthy.

If not, watch out….

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